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by Christian Böhm 12 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Many people whine at the highest level when it comes to changing their diet or exercise habits. You are unhappy with your current situation, dissatisfied with your figure, feel limp and tired, but you cannot do anything because you have "no time"! It is probably the most popular excuse to stay in the current comfort zone. NO TIME is not an excuse in my opinion. There are always 10-15 minutes time every day for a HIIT workout, body workout, walks or other sporting activities. You set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier, actively start your everyday life or leave your car behind and cycle to work (provided the distance is not too great), take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. The best method to improve your diet is "meal prep", in which you can prepare your food for several days and, if necessary, freeze it. In one day you prepare your meal for several days and it makes it easier to eat more targeted and healthier. Then lunch breaks with high-calorie "fast food" dishes are a thing of the past. Meal-prep dishes should have a high proportion of vegetables with a low calorie density. Various types of fruit as well as sliced ​​raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, peppers, kohlrabi, radishes etc. are suitable as snacks for in between meals. If someone just doesn't have any ideas or wants to think about implementation or dishes, don't hesitate, just ask Chris. Your Chris

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