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by Christian Böhm 13 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Who does not know it, summer is approaching and you want to lose a few kilograms quickly for the next vacation or a special event (wedding, shoot, etc.). Crash diets with FDH ("Eat half"), low carb to zero carb, protein diets or other are the first choice in many cases. After the holiday you are usually back to your original weight or the typical "yo-yo-effect" in which you are even heavier than before the diet. A diet is not a nutritional state that can be persisted and is not sustainable. What many people forget, not every successful diet is a healthy one. With our nutritional advice, we aim for a long-term, healthy and permanently realizable change in diet with a high proportion of vegetables and fruit. High-calorie foods with a high degree of processing are replaced by healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The eating volume and thus the degree of satiety can be increased without having to always "track" your food. Increase the level of unprocessed foods in your diet, eat at least 400g vegetables and 250g fruit per day, not a one-sided selection, but "mixed plates". Your Chris

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