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Is a vegan diet really that expensive?

by Christian Böhm 12 Nov 2020 0 Comments

I have been vegan since January 2019 and the first reaction I get 80 times when I tell friends, acquaintances or customers about my diet change is: "Vegan is too expensive for me!" or "Vegan is really expensive!""

But is a vegan diet really as expensive as many people think it is?

If you want to cover a large part of your diet with meat substitute products or vegan ready-made products, and you have little time and inclination to cook yourself, a vegan diet is quite expensive!

At the beginning of the diet change, you test a lot, orientate yourself strongly to previous eating habits and look for alternatives to satisfy your "craving" for sausages, burgers or steaks.

The aim of a vegan diet change should, however, be a wholesome, well-planned and needs-covering diet, with around 80-90 unprocessed foods, as well as seasonal and regional purchases. The purchases are no more expensive than before the diet change, but offer your body significantly more fiber, vitamins and minerals and trace elements, which are essential for an intact immune system and can support health..

If you buy high quality meat, fish, eggs and other animal foods, they are also relatively more expensive. The question is always how much money is available and how much money is one willing to spend on it.

In conclusion, it depends on the choice of food, its quality and quantity!

Your Chris

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